Success Stories

Success At School

Sheena is an 8 year old girl referred to Symbiosis by her teacher at school. Her teachers mentioned that she is a very bright girl but falling behind in her work at school due to poor handwriting skills and seemed to be getting quieter and losing her self esteem. At her assessment at the clinic, Sheena was found to be writing at the level of a 6 year old due to difficulties with holding a pencil properly and with the coordination between her visual skills and her motor functions. She said she felt embarrassed to hand in her work, worried that her friends might laugh.

Our Occupational Therapists certified in Handwriting Programs developed a treatment/training program geared towards Sheena's strengths and challenges. They consulted with the school for ergonomic furniture and proper writing tools for Sheena and also conducted a group session with her peers to see how best she could be supported at school. With determination and persevering through her twice a week OT sessions, Sheena today takes pride in her written work and happily acts as a teacher's helper by writing the day's notes on the whiteboard.

Success At Home

Rajat is 10 year old boy who came to Symbiosis with his parents, looking for a solution to help him access different facilities at home. Rajat uses a wheelchair for mobility and wanted to be independent in his everyday tasks at home. Our Occupational Therapists assessed his home environment to look for barriers to independence. They recommended modifications and equipment that would make the home more accessible for Rajat. They also trained Rajat in using various adaptive devices geared towards helping him complete basic self care independently.

One of Rajat's wishes was to be able to use a computer to play games like his friends. His Occupational Therapist from Symbiosis worked with him to find the best suitable adaptive mouse/keyboard combination so that not only could Rajat play games with his friends, he could also use the computer to finish his school work instead of using a scribe.

Success At Centre

John is a 4 year old who had great difficulty settling in his daycare. His parents reported challenges in transitioning to the centre as well as difficulty settling with the routines. Even little changes in activities would "set him off". He hated being touched and got into fights with other kids and adults at the daycare. Parents were ready to change daycares for the third time when they were referred for an OT assessment. Our experienced therapists assessed John at our clinic and observed him at home and daycare. We found that he had severe tactile defensiveness along with moderate auditory processing challenges. John's OT developed an OT program specific for his needs. He had treatment sessions at Symbiosis to address these areas while the therapist also visited the daycare and home to consult with the parents and day care workers on techniques to modify activities to improve John's sensory processing and modulation.

One year later, John is a happy boy, running around his daycare with his friends and participating successfully in most activities there. His family is looking forward to continuing with OT to help him successfully transition to Kindergarten next fall. John's mother says "Occupational Therapy was an eye opener for us. We realised that there was nothing wrong with our parenting skills or the daycares we were looking at. John behaved differently because he did not feel things like other children. Once this was addressed through OT, we saw many changes in him...we got our first hug from him 3 months into the program with Symbiosis...this from a child who did not like touching anything. Thank you Symbiosis".