Candice Payne



Candice completed her BSc Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Cape Town prior to graduating with MSc in Speech Language Pathology. She has vast experience working with children of all ages including neonates and school aged children in both the acute hospital setting as well as school environments. Her strong belief in evidence-based practice has guided her therapy intervention to the children and their families and believes in patient-centered care.

Prior to moving to Canada from South Africa, Candice has work in both in a clinical and academic setting. She was the Clinical Supervisor and Lecturer at the University of Cape Town where she taught students in the Learners with Special Educational Needs school and clinical setting for the treatment of children with a variety of diagnosis including, but not limited to, Dysphagia, Speech, Language, and communication including AAC. She also had worked in a private practice, part-time, managing adults and children with a variety of disorders ranging from ASD, feeding and swallowing disorders, fluency and voice, and management of many other speech related challenges.


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