Intake Interview

The initial interview is conducted either by our Behavior Consultant, OT, SLP or Clinic Coordinator. The purpose of this interview is to collect basic information about the child and to determine the parents’ concerns and expectations. At this time, parents may be given a developmental questionnaire to complete.

BCBA supervision at Symbiosis


The assessment is recommended for children who are referred for our services for the first time. The assessment requires an appointment involving interviews with the child, parents or guardians, formal evaluations and analysis of the data gathered. Parents are encouraged to bring along previous reports from other health professionals and schools.

The assessment aims to look at a child’s strengths and difficulties within a developmental framework. The therapists at Symbiosis use a variety of functional assessments, clinical observation skills and standardized tools during the assessment, the choice of which is guided by the child’s clinical presentation.

Customized Therapy plan

Following assessment, an intervention plan consisting of findings, recommendations and strategies are provided in the form of a detailed written report with exhaustive list of suggestions and strategies which can be implemented at home or school as necessary.

Intervention sessions

Intervention sessions are generally scheduled based on the need of the child. The session includes initial planning for sessions, direct intervention with the child, set up before the session, after session clean up, and discussion with the parents.

Regular follow-up and meetings

Regular meeting with the parents and collaboration are done with other professionals involved with the child.

Our therapists travel to schools and day cares to provide information sessions for teachers, other students and other relevant staff involved with the child who is receiving therapy at Symbiosis.