Why Symbiosis

Why Symbiosis

Why Symbiosis

Humble beginnings

Symbiosis Pediatric Therapy was started in 2008 from a simple dream of the founder/s, Shalini Das and Sumanta Das . Being experienced therapists and parents themselves, they had a strong desire to break out from the culture of  traditional Home-based services provided by most of the therapists for ages. They also sensed that the fragmented Behavior Consultancy, Occupational Therapy and Speech-Language therapy services model doesn’t really work where families struggles to find right Autism Service providers for their children during the early intervention period.

Challenges faced by families while exploring services for their child/ren:

  • Most of  the service providers(Behavior Consultants, Occupational Therapist and Speech Therapists) preferred to work in the child’s home or in their own small clinic located in the basement of their house.
  • Families had to travel very long distances(on an average of 1-2 hours) to meet them at different facilities across different cities to get the appointments.
  • Not many choices of therapist for the apointments, specially from Solo service providers.
  • Conflicting appointment from different providers as they are not in the same clinic location of city.
  • Very less coordination of therapists of different disciplines talking among each other to discuss the progress of goals of the child.

Top reasons to receive Therapy services from Symbiosis

Easier to manage appointments and scheduling

Connect with the right professionals in one place rather than coordinating with service providers at different locations and times for the appointments.

Save time and effort as they do not have to go through back-and-forth communication by phone or email with multiple clinics and professionals to book or cancel any appointment.


Other clinics  or solo service providers may offer to charge lesser professional fees than Symbiosis clinics. In the long run, families always prefer to receive services from a center providing multi-disciplinary services and also at a very reasonable cost.

Word of Caution for Parents:

Be aware of the qualification of the professionals and also check their registeration with their regulatory colleges before hiring the consultant or therapist for their child. 

Integrated services

At Symbiosis Pediatric Therapy clinics, your child doesn’t just get a therapist or a program which is meant to be of a “Gold-standard” for ages. We build child-centered therapy plans that focus on relationship-building and play-based therapy.

Quick resolutions

Better collaboration and sharing of ideas and solutions is easily accommodated among professionals of different disciplines. 

It will take a lot of countless hours for the families to coordinate with different providers. It becomes very stressful for parents to call other professionals for numerous meetings (school consultations, IEP meetings, etc.). In contrast, it could be done in one go if you had several services under one roof.

Fewer Disruptions

Every child and their family require a special type of therapy environment and needs consistency in all the therapy sessions. At Symbiosis, we strive to reduce disruptions with fewer transitions if a child is receiving services from our professionals.

In a typical therapy setting in British Columbia other than Symbiosis, children have to experience twice as many transitions throughout the day to accommodate the visit to their Behavior Consultant, Speech therapist, Occupational therapist, along with their other academic’s schedules and education requirements.

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Benefits and Advantages of Symbiosis

Symbiosis Teamwork

Interdisciplinary Communication

All the Consultants and Therapists involved as service providers for your child are able to communicate about your child’s needs on an ongoing basis. This ensures consistency in responding to your child’s behavior and improvement of the skills learnt across professional and settings. Even if a change in approach is needed, we are able to quickly communicate among the team with no issues.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Clinicians work together to ensure your child’s treatment plan is both comprehensive and efficient. Every area of development is addressed and targeted by the clinical team.

Interdisciplinary Consultation

Clinicians can easily “pull in another set of eyes” by requesting a consultation from another discipline, as needed.  For example, an ABA program supervisor may request a Speech Language Pathologist provide a consult to the ABA team to increase the rate of progress with functional communication goals.


an Occupational Therapist may request a consultation from the ABA program supervisor to ensure consistent implementation of a behavior plan during the Occupational therapy sessions.

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