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We provide Clinic based as well as Home based Behavior Consultancy, Occupational Therapy, Speech & Language Therapy , Behavior Intervention services In Port Coquitlam.
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Our team of Experienced Therapists take additional steps to ensure that your child is given personal and professional care.....Always!
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Everything began with a thought, and ideas were turned into a plan, and the plan became a reality

Our Day Starts With Smile

Symbiosis Pediatric Therapy was started in 2008 from a simple dream of the founder/s, Shalini Das and Sumanta Das. They sensed the fragmented Behavior Consultancy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech-Language therapy services model doesn’t work where families struggle to find the right Autism Service providers for their children during the early intervention period.

Behavior Consultation

Our Behavior Consultants/BCBAs develop programs which are clinically driven and utilize procedures that have been developed after working with children and research-based.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists work with children to help them reach independence in their day-to-day skills.

Speech and Language Therapy

Speech Language Pathologists assess children’s overall communication skills and promote interacting with others.

Behavior Intervention

Behavior Interventionists improves a child’s quality of life following Behaviour Plan of Intervention (BPI) which enhances their development and learning key skills.

Team approach is proven to provide the best results

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Home-Based Behavior and Therapy
Kindergarten School Readiness
Feeding & Swallowing Therapy
Social Skills Group Therapy

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Our program consists of the following components


Initial one-to-one consultation, Health & Fitness Assessments Bespoke training program planning, Custom Nutrition plan & recipes. Weekly Progress Reviews, We provide below mentioned services at our clinics.

Total Assessments
Average Behavior Consultation and Intervention sessions/year
Average Occupational Therapy sessions/year
Average Speech-Language Pathology sessions/year

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Certified Consultants

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Enrolment Process

Step by step Process


Intake interview

The initial interview is conducted either by our Behavior Consultant, OT, SLP or Clinic Coordinator. The purpose of this interview is to collect basic information about



The assessment is recommended for children who are referred for our services for the first time. The assessment requires an appointment involving interviews


Customized Therapy plan

Following assessment, an intervention plan consisting of findings, recommendations and strategies


Intervention sessions

Intervention sessions are generally scheduled based on the need of the child. The session includes initial planning


Regular follow-up and meetings

Regular meeting with the parents and collaboration are done with other professionals involved with the child.


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*Initial one-to-one consultation, Health & Fitness Assasments Bespoke training program planing, Custom Nutrition plan & recipes. Weekly Progress Reviews

*Initial one-to-one consultation, Health & Fitness Assasments Bespoke training program planing, Custom Nutrition plan & recipes. Weekly Progress Reviews

*Initial one-to-one consultation, Health & Fitness Assasments Bespoke training program planing, Custom Nutrition plan & recipes. Weekly Progress Reviews

Working together to provide the best possible support for your family

Want to Hear From Us?

Shalini Das

Director, Board Certified Behavior Analyst,Occupational Therapist

Shalini is one of the co-founders of Symbiosis Pediatric Therapy. She currently oversees the clinical and administrative departments of Symbiosis. Shalini has more than 25 years of experience working with children with autism and developmental disabilities.

Shalini completed her Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy specializing in Pediatric Neurology in 2000. She also has her Masters degree in Special Education with a focus on Applied Behavior Analysis from The Pennsylvania State University.Shalini is listed in the RASP list as a Behavior Consultant and an Occupational Therapist.

Shalini has extensive clinical experience with assessment and program development that is designed to treat challenging behaviors, build communication, and functional life skills. Some of the team-based intervention which she incorporates are the Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), Early Start Denver Model (ESDM), SCERTS, DIR®/Floor time model, etc.

Shalini has trained & supervised several teams of therapists, parents, and other professionals on evidence-based behavioral strategies to improve the quality of life for the children. She also assists with the development and implementation of evidence-based treatment approaches, in addition to providing clinical guidance and mentorship to the Behavioral intervention team.

Shalini is certified to administer the Sensory Integration and Praxis Test (SIPT) from the University of Southern California and in Neuro-Developmental Therapy (NDT) from NDT Association, USA. She also enjoys working with children in Symbiosis embracing different therapy models while viewing the challenges faced by the children through the developmental framework.

Shalini is the mother of two children and understands the importance of considering the needs and wants of all members of the family when establishing therapy goals. She spends her spare time with her children and husband, reading, traveling, and cooking different recipes from around the world.