Symbiosis Home-Based Behavior and Therapy program

Symbiosis Home-Based Behavior and Therapy services

Symbiosis started the Home based therapy option based on the individual family’s child’s unique needs and interests, with dedicated support to help wherever and whenever they need it most.

Due to reasons of convenience or preference to stay due to changing family commitments, coming to the clinic may be difficult for some families. 

Our home-based services are specifically designed around your family’s needs and can be delivered where you need them the most. We come to your Home or community setting, maximizing convenience and focusing on building skills where your child is genuinely comfortable.

What are the Benefits of Home-based Behavior and Therapy Services

Symbiosis Team understands the needs and challenges of being a caregiver. Most caregivers are working; thus, sending your loved one to the clinic for an appointment often results in taking leave or time off. This adds unnecessary stress to caregivers as not all employers will understand the needs of being a caregiver.

Some clients require intensive therapy sessions to optimize treatment results. However, frequent traveling to the clinic can be tiring for both the client and their caregiver(s).

With the advancement of technology, we can instantly turn every home into a Behavior Consultant’s or a Therapist’s workplace. Our therapists have extensive experience conducting therapy outside the clinic, including at clients’ homes, or schools. Our therapists have extensive experience conducting therapy outside the clinic, including the child’s Home or any other facility.

Home therapy offers many benefits, such as:

  • Not requiring taking time off work to attend therapy or accompany loved ones for sessions
  • Reducing fatigue due to travel to the clinic
  • Environmental familiarity with speeding up rapport-building
  • Building on existing resources at Home to improve skills
  • Improve generalization skills outside of clinic settings
  • Direct caregiver training with family members, teachers, or other stakeholders

How are the parents involved in the home-based behavior therapy program

Enabling parents to handle the child effectively at home is critical to the child’s success regarding home-based therapy services. Hence, regular parent training sessions are automatically included for all enrolled in the program. Through regular discussions with parents, we can identify needs, wants, and achievable outcomes with available resources, which helps to set meaningful goals, a realistic direction, and shared strategies.

Who are involved in the Home-based behavior and therapy team?

Why Symbiosis

Our team includes Board Certified Behavior Analysts/ Board Certified Behavior Assistants, Behavior Analysts, Behavior ConsultantsOccupational TherapistsSpeech-Language Pathologists, and Behavior Interventionists, who are experts in their respective fields and provide specialist support to the children. Our experienced therapists can come to your Home or conduct telehealth sessions and deliver quality therapy for your child.





  • Building a plan that’s tailored to their specific needs to help them manage school, health, peer relationships and family life.

  • Enhance their problem­-solving skills in a supportive environment
  • Recognizing and managing feelings or reactions

Team approach is proven to provide the best results