How do I know my child with Autism Spectrum Disorder is receiving Quality Therapy or Intervention?

How do you know that a Therapist or Service provider from whom you are receiving services for your child diagnosed with Autism is of any good? 

Ideally, they are supposed to be the expert in their respective fields. But how can you, as a parent who is very new to this whole Autism world, supposed to know that your child is getting what he/she really deserve?

When you have a child with Autism or any other diagnosis, you are instantly thrown into the deep end of endless rounds of hiring the professionals (Behavior Consultants, Occupational Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists, and Behavior Interventionists), visiting different therapy clinics, and a world of new jargons. 



This checklist is meant to be the bare-bones minimum of quality indicators that define an evidence-based, family-centered practice.  There are some considerably basic questions that you can ask yourself to determine whether the services you are receiving are of high quality. These questions apply to all the professionals with a range of different designations (Behavior Consultant, Speech-Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, etc.).

(Hint: the answer to every question should be YES!)








Make sure you have complete information

Choosing the best Service providers can be unnerving, but there is a strategy to be had. Before you start comparing them, gather everything you need to paint a complete picture. You’ll need to know much more than what they say to fairly weigh their quality of services.

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