Starting therapy services for children diagnosed with Autism in BC

The purpose of comparing the service providers is to illustrate the vast range of therapy services available for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families in British Columbia (BC). As we progress through the process, it will become evident that some distinguishing features separate one from another apart from the different names given to the services by other agencies.

To conduct a “like-for-like” comparison of service providers, it is necessary to understand the available services. It is also equally important to be aware of such services as advertised on their website, are indeed provided by them to avoid further confusion when looking at the options.

Cost and Treatment Duration

Costs are defined as direct and indirect costs of the therapist’s time spent during each session spent on the child’s intervention. With regard to a services comparison for Autism Service Providers , the cost of services is often the distinguishing factor over the services themselves. For example, a Behavior Consultant who provides home-based therapy consultation only and parents who have to hire their own Behavior Interventionist might have lower or no overhead costs compared to an agency that offers multi-disciplinary services for children with Autism.

We recommend reviewing the price ranges of each provider. The advertised prices are most often subject to recommendations from some regulatory professional bodies (College of Occupational Therapists of British Columbia for Occupational Therapists; College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals of BC for Speech-Language Pathologists).

Region of the service provider and availability

The location of the service provider and the professionals’ availability is an important consideration —not only because of the number of professionals working under one umbrella but also the inter-professional network and collaboration between them. There is less likelihood that the parents are left in the lurch when a Therapist leaves the employment or the solo Behavior Consultant does not respond to queries.

Why are families surprised to discover the therapy model at Symbiosis during their free consultation session?

Many of our parents and caregivers expressed how good they felt to have someone to hear them out. They find that we are excellent listeners, and we usually respond to emails, phone inquiries, Skype calls, or even meeting requests in person at our Clinics all the time. “Even though it’s a very basic necessity and fundamental customer service skill, it’s not something you might not find in other service providers, unfortunately”.


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